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2013 Christmas Special – A Real Sack Full!

Cover SmallChristmas comes but once a year, and here on Lard Island Santa has come early with a bumper edition of the Christmas Special. To be precise we have 167 pages brimming over with wargaming fun – scenarios, articles and ever complete rule sets.
Let’s have a look at the contents in detail.
Page 2 Introduction. A Festive welcome
Page 5 Venta Icenorum. A terrible surprise awaits the homecoming King in this scenario for Dux Britanniarum?
Page 9 A Village In Normandy. We look at the scene of some of D-Day’s toughest fighting with the Canadian North Shore Regiment. A look at house to house fighting techniques and two scenarios for IABSM and Chain of Command
Page 20 Everybody Look What’s Going Down. Nick heads for Vietnam with this scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf.
Page 24 All at Sea. A complete campaign background for an exciting fight in the Indian Ocean with Sharp Practice and Kiss Me Hardy. Map,s geographical and military briefings and complete campaign rules.
Page 40 All Quiet on the Central Front. An advanced look at I Ain’t Been Nuked Mum. The forthcoming “Lard Approved” Cold War rules.
Page 43 Modelling Continuous Exposure to Combat. Mike Whitaker looks at the effects of combat on men and how to reflect this in our games.
Page 45 You Dirty Rat – The Rules. We head for 1930s Chicago with a card chase gangster game. Complete game rules and card set ready to play.
Page 63 Chain of Command Espana. An introduction to the Spanish Civil War version of Chain of Command. Peninsula Infantry and Cavalry start off the Army list collection.
Page 88 The Roundwood Report. Sidney investigates all the news and opinions on Lard Island.
Page 96 Scenario Seven. The seventh Scenario for Chain of Command. Mike Brian provides a welcome addition to the rules.
Page 98 One Gun to Rule Them All. Arrigo Vellicogna looks at the development and deployment of the Sherman 76mm.
Page 108 Emerson’s Exit. Jim Jackaman takes a look at designing scenarios for Bag the Hun and provides us with an historical refight.
Page 116 Carros Blindados, Autoametrelladoras & Tizanos. 1936. Jim Hale looks at impromptu armoured vehicles in the first year of the Spanish Civil War
Page 120 Playing Chain of Command with Platoon Forward. Fightin’ Joe Legan tells us how he combines our latest rules with his classic campaign generator
Page 123 Scenario Thirteen. Robert Avery gives us more at Christmas from the galaxy that is Five Planets
Page 128 Force Morale, Your Flexible Friend. Developing the concept of Force Morale further, we look at representing different unit types and applying the system to IABSM
Page 133 Staghounds & Dynamite. Nick presents a scenario for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum as Kiwis take on the Jerries in Italy
Page 139 Hens, Chicks & Spanish Drivers. The Irrepressible Jim Hale provides us with details of tanks in the Spanish Civil War.
Page 143 Random Events in Chain of Command. Mike Brian expands on the random events in the main rules.
Page 147 One Dark Night. Don’t Panic! The Home Guard take on a German landing party intent on rescuing a spy. A scenario for Chain of Command
Page 150 In Flanders Fields. Anticipating next year’s 100th anniversary, we look at 1914 infantry tactics
Page 157 In the Last Ditch Again. A Through the Mud & the Blood scenario for the retreat from Mons, 1914
Page 160 Hell & Heroism. From the upside-down regions of the Lard Empire, notorious Ashes thief Ben Fiene presents three Chain of Command scenarios set around the battle for Hannut in May 1940.
A whopping sack-full from Santa to keep you busy right over the festive period. And all for less than the price of two pints of beer! You can find this Christmas monster right here: Christmas Special


2 thoughts on “2013 Christmas Special – A Real Sack Full!”

  1. That SCW guy bangs on a bit, but the rest of the stuff was excellent. Loads of food for thought and a lot of reading to do. My personal ‘must read’ is converting Platoon Forward to CoC, but I’ll be busy with it for a while.

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