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1939-40 Soviet Army List for Chain of Command

Soviet 1939Whilst the Soviet Union deems the Great Patriotic War to have begun in June 1941, she was not slow to exploit conflict in Europe by conducting her own expansionist campaigns before that date. In 1939 she shared a divided Poland with Hitler’s Germany, and later that year the Soviet Union invaded Finland in a war of conquest. Meanwhile on-going undeclared border conflicts with the Japanese were occurring along the Manchurian Border.
The list here will allow you to field Soviet forces for all of these conflicts. You can find it here: Soviet Army List 1939-40
We hope to have the list for Winter War Finn available in the next couple of days.


5 thoughts on “1939-40 Soviet Army List for Chain of Command”

  1. Great Job, can’t wait for the French list (hint, hint)
    But there is a typo on the arsenal entry for the t-28s with thee instead of three for the number of turrets.

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