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This is the Summer of Lard

CoverIt wouldn’t be Summer Without Lard! Now the Olympics are over it’s a great time to forget all that fitness nonsense and get a decent bit of Lard under your belt. Fortunately the TooFatLardies Summer Special for 2012 is here and it’s 118 pages stuffed with succulent Lardy goodness. Here’s a list of what’s on the menu.
Introduction – Fat Nick says hello as only he can.
Contents – What’s on offer in the Smorgasbord of Lard
Migrating Dux – Using Dux Britanniarum in other settings. Big Rich looks at a Dux variant set in the Roman povince of Gallia Belgica.
St Barthelemy – A classic IABSM historical double-scenario set in Normandy 1944 with US forces facing Kampfgruppe Kuhlmann in the Mortain campaign.
Random Events in IABSM – Geoff Bond adds random events to IABSM to spice up your gaming fun
Just the Right Sort of Chap – Sidney Roundwood waxes his moustaches and looks at characters in Through the Mud & the Blood
A Conversation with DZ – Richard Clarke in conversation with Major General John Drewienkiewicz about his Wargaming in History books
Bull Run – An 1861 scenario for the opening battle of the civil war presented for They Couldn’t Hit and Elephant
Bagging the Hex – Graham Riddle presents his ideas for using our classic WWII aerial rules Bag the Hun without a hex mat
Wrong Side of the Fleche – Mark Luther deploys his jaeger on the outskirts of Charleston in this scenario for Sharp Practice from the AWI
Glorious First of June. – Admiral Nick presents a large fleet action scenario for Kiss Me Hardy
Quadrant 13 Designer’s Notes. – Robert Avery beams down to tell us all about his forthcoming Sci-Fi rules, how they work and what we can expect.
Battle in the Orchard.- The PLO, the Southern Lebanese Army and the Israeli Defence force battle it out in this modern scenario for IABSM
BTH: The Italian Job – A scenario for Bag The Hun set above Sicily in 1943.
Them that Ain’t Cowards, Follow Me! – A scenario for Sharpe Practice and ‘La Longue Carabine’ for the American War of Independence from the pen of James Schmidt
An Encounter for Alpha Company – A Charlie Don’t Surf Scenario from Ross Bowrage as seen round the UK shows in 2011.
A Lesson in Lard – Ross tells us about his experiences on the show circuit with CDS bringing Vietnam Lard to the masses.
On a Saxon Shore – A bonus raid scenario for Dux Britanniarum
The Last Stand of the Baron – A back-end-of-nowhere scenario for Mud & Blood from the pen of Allan Coleman
August Storm – Charles Ekhart takes a look at the Soviet conquest of Manchuria in 1945 with scenario ideas for IABSM
Decisions, Decisions: Applying the OODA loop.- Fat Nick explains the decision making process and how it impacts on wargames rules.
BTH: Zero 2 Hero – A scenario for Bag the Hun set over the Coral Sea in 1942.
Meaty Dux – Adding some extra meat to the bones of Dux Britanniarum campaign system. How to personalise your campaign even further and make sure you know your Bernaccia’s from your Bernicia’s. Not everybody does!
The Roundwood Report – Sir Sidney Roundwood takes his regular look at Lard and the world of wargaming in general.
A whole Sumer of Lard, all for just six quid.


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