Dux Britanniarum Pictish Starter Army


Our Pictish starter army is designed to give you all you need to get ready for the Dux Britanniarum rules.  Comprised entirely of the superb Gripping Beast figures the Army pack contains the following codes:

  • PCT01
  • PCT02
  • PCT04
  • PCT08
  • PCT09
  • PCT10
  • PCT11
  • PCT13
  • PCT16
  • PCTC01

This is enough for the Pictish Army as outlined in the rules, with a Warlord, one Noble, one Champion, four six figure Groups Raiders, one group of four Skirmishers, one Group of four missile troops and one six figure Group of Raider Cavalry.  The army pack also includes a pack of weapons and shields for your force.  All figures are supplied unpainted.


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