2015 Summer Special

2015 Summer Special


Another Summer and an other Special packed with Lardy goodness.  This year we have the following mix of articles, scenarios, campaigns and interviews.

Blitz to Boulogne – A complete mini-campaign for Chain of Command
Action at the Crooked Billet – AWI scenario for Sharp Practice
Glowaczow – AN IABSM scenario from 1944 with Soviets versus Germans
Hadgranate! – Tracing the development of hand grenade tactics in the Great War
At our Convenience – A mini-campaign for Mud & Blood (or Great War Chain of Command) centred on the battle of Loos in 1915
Fight for Sesna –  A Spanish Civil War tank action for CoC Espana!
Straight out of Central Casting – Adding characters to your Bag the Hun games
Taking the Biscuit – A complete guide to using Sharp Practice for Garibaldi’s 1860 campaign in Sicily.  Rule suggestions and five scenarios
Quadrant 13, A Point System – Robert Avery provides a point system for his popular Sci-Fi rules
The Roundwood Report – Sidney talks Lardy Games days with three veteran organisers
Fork-Tailed Lardies – Using the P-38 in Bag the Hun
Le Hameau – A 200th anniversary Le Feu Sacre scenario
Hunting Charlie with Captain Jack – A Charlie Don’t Surf Scenario for Vietnam
Arise to Lard – Applying 1940 air tactics with Bag the Hun.
Scotland Forever – Try to capture the Eagle with the Scots Greys at Waterloo.  A complete game to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the great battle.


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