2011 Summer Special


The 2011 Summer Special is 129 pages loaded with Lardy goodness.† Articles, rules, scenarios, terrain building, it's all there for the discerning wargamer.†

Page 3†† ††††††††††††††† Introduction

Page 4†††††††††††††††††† La Longue Carabine.A Sharp Practice supplement for the French Indian Wars

Page 20††††††††††††††† A Bloody Morning on V Beach.A Gallipoli 1915 scenario for If the Lord Spares Us

Page 25††††††††††††††† Wave Goodbye.A French counter attack in 1940 from the pen of Robert Avery for I Ainít Been Shot Mum

Page 30††††††††††††††† Finding, Fixing, Fighting & Finishing.A background to riverine warfare in Vietnam

Page 37††††††††††††††† Brown Water Delta.A riverine warfare supplement for Charlie Donít Surf.

Page 47††††††††††††††† Beckwithís Battle.The battle of Sabugal for Le Feu Sacrť

Page 52††††††††††††††† A White Hell.Rogers Rangers face the French and the frost at the Battle on Snowshoes for La Longue Carabine

Page 57††††††††††††††† The Bridge at Prudyanka.A German rearguard attempt to hold the road to Kharkov in the aftermath of the battle of Kursk.A scenario forI Ainít Been Shot Mum

Page 61††††††††††††††† The Forest of Assassins.A riverine warfare scenario for Charlie Donít Surf.

Page 64††††††††††††††† Coastal Patrol.A complete set of rules for small ships in WWII.

Page 80††††††††††††††† Black Night.A coastal warfare scenario for Coastal Patrol

Page 82††††††††††††††† On Company Business.A French Indian Wars scenario set in the Ohio valley for La Longue Carabine

Page 85††††††††††††††† Estuary Anglais.A Kiss Me Hardy Frigate action

Page 89††††††††††††††† Insurrection in Mesopotamia.Two scenarios for action in Iraq, 1920 style, for Mud & Blood.

Page 95††††††††††††††††††Scenario Card R.A bonus scenario card for Platoon Forward

Page 96††††††††††††††† Mors Mission.Rescuing Mussolini Part Two.A scenario forI Ainít Been Shot Mum

Page 100††††††††††††† River Assault.A riverine warfare scenario for Charlie Donít Surf.

Page 103††††††††††††† Storm of Dice.Rules for using If the Lord Spares Us on the Western Front.

Page 109††††††††††††† Winning their Spurs.A Storm of Dice scenario from Vimy Ridge, 1917.

Page 112††††††††††††† Sidney Gets Woods.The maestro gives a master class in modelling woods.

Page 118††††††††††††† The Volga Ferryman.A Bag the Hun scenario over Stalingrad.

Page 126††††††††††††† A Grave Day at the Canal.An I Ainít Been Shot Mum scenario on the Dunkirk perimeter from Robert Avery


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