Lardie Links

Below are a number of links to places that we think are Lard Friendly®, useful companies with Lard related products, nice people, or just daft. See if you can guess which are which!

If you'd like your site linked to the lovely land of lard then email us via our Home Page. If you spot a broken link then don't bother telling me 'cos I'm not that bothered   A site dedicated to Lard, run by Fleet Street's own Robert Avery, the thinking man's Piers Morgan.  Here Robert tells of his life on the front line with I Ain't Been Shot Mum  Like Sharp Practice?  Then be sharp and nip along to the Sharp Practice camp, where you can meet like-minded people; get yourself clean, have a good meal, you can do whatever you feel!  It's fun to stay at the Sharp Practice camp.

Alban Miniatures.A super new figure company who are in the process of developing a whole range of beautiful 28mm figures for Sharp Practice, sculpted by none other than the talented Richard AnselL

Durham Wargames. Quite possibly one of the finest groups of wargamers in the UK. Suave, erudite and always popular with the ladies, these chaps know how to have a good time with Big Men. What's more they can spot a decent set of rules from 250 miles.

Le Feu Sacré Yahoo Group. Where aficionados of line, square and column meet to discuss their penchant for leopard skin sabretaches.

Fat Wally's Web Site . Kevin Lowth has this suberb resource site for IABSM, Bag the Hun and Algy! (and some nice stuff from RFCM too) which is quite simply the finest in Lard Land. What's more he's a Tom Cruise lookalike. Hello Ladies!

Paint-In . Rene van dem Assen is one of the finest figure painters to be found below sea-level anywhere in the world, he is never happier than when undercoating or highlighting beautifully sculpted figures. When not painting he makes his shoes from old trees.

The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers is made up of gamers whose interests stretch from the start of the last century right up to the present day. Their magazine The Journal is a truly superb read, and cheap as chips too!

East Riding Miniatures. Tony at East Riding Miniatures is one of the hobbies true gents. His range of Lard related products is impressive to say the least. Why not make Tony your first port of call when making that hobby purchase.

Combat Colours . Steve at Combat Colours is one of the hobby's Big Men. His painting would put Da Vinci to shame, at least when it comes to 15mm figures. What's more, he's a colonial who can spell the word COLOUR properly!

Eureka Miniatures. The Aussies may not be any good at rugby any more, but strewth, when it comes to making truly magnificent figures these blokes can't be beaten.

Perry's Heroes. When he's not selling onions from his bicycle, Olivier is busy painting his superb collection of 28mm figures, or writing some truly excellent scenarios. An excellent resource for the discerning gamer. Vive la France, Vive la Guerre, Vive Perry's Heroes!

Salute The Warlords, not a bizzare 1980's band, but a bizarre 21st Century band of wargamers who put the Salute into Salute. They've been running my favourite wargames show since 1873 when they put on the first Salute in a public lavatory in Kensington. From then, when three people attended, the show has gone from strength to strength, and no longer smells of piss.

TMP Ever wondered whether Hitler ate more jellied eels than Stalin? Here's the place to go to find out. Feel free to ask any other questions you have, the place is packed with people who are convinced they are experts, whatever your question.

Leisure Games. North London's premier gaming store, literally jam packed with goodies for gamers of all genres.