Lardie News

The biggest news this month is, of course, that we have a new web site. At last I hear some of you cry!† We now produce in excess of fifty products and the old web site was creaking badly.† What was more it relied on some pretty antiquated technology to work.† Now our new site is really bringing us into the 21st Century.† You can purchase a product and download it immediately, whatever the time of day or night, without waiting for us to email it across.† Hopefully this will make the whole process much easier and faster.

To celebrate the new arrival, we are also very pleased to announce the arrival of our 2009 Summer Special.† This is our eleventh Special to date and at £5 these are now widely recognised as some of the best value products in the hobby.† Each one has complete supplements or rule sets as well as a wide range of articles and scenarios written for wargamers by wargamers.† Populer demand means that these never go out of publication, so why not check out the list of back editions and see what goodies are hidden away in them.

So, welcome aboard to the new look Lard Island.† We hope you'll enjoy doing business with us now and in the years to come.†

Richard Clarke & Nick Skinner
June 2009†