Suggestions for Convention Game of PC

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Suggestions for Convention Game of PC

Post by hayeswauford »

I am working to put together a game of Pickett's Charge for a convention in September.

I currently can field the following 40mm figures:

USA- approximately 15-18 regiments
CSA- 18-25 regiments

I am artillery poor so will have to paint that. I also have no dismounted cavalry and would prefer to not have to paint that too!

In my buying frenzy I ended up with more CSA than USA!

I would like to do something from the eastern theater. Otherwise I am pretty open. Any suggestions? Of course I do not have to use all the CSA but would like to put on as large a game as possible. Thank you for your thoughts!!!

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Re: Suggestions for Convention Game of PC

Post by john de terre neuve »

We have played the Antietam game a couple of times from the rulebook. It is a lot of fun and gives a good game. You have enough infantry you do need a battery of artillery per side, no cavalry is required.


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