Petrol bombs and molotov cocktails

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Petrol bombs and molotov cocktails

Post by jaakvik » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:23 pm


I have a question regarding petrol bombs, satchels etc. On the table in the ruleset (table 7, p42) there are listed several types of bombs. For instance, for the Soviets there is the petrol bomb (molotov cocktail), the satchel and the AT grenade. I understand how the satchel works (you place it on the tank). But what about the grenade, not to mention the petrol bomb. Can these be thrown? In that case, how does one solve this? Like regular grenades? Whit the same range (2D6)?

Comparing the molotov vs the satchel, the latter has double the AP value (3 vs 6). If the molotov has to be placed physically to the AFV, then why should one choose this over the satchel? How do you guys practice this?

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