Chariots in Infamy

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Chariots in Infamy

Post by TrajanSPQR »

So I’m loving my download of Infamy having preordered. I’m already thinking of how to make Dacians lists...but with British you get options for chariots it seems linked to nobles or warriors I’m trying to understand how many chariots per ten men what is the ratio and how best should they get modeled here. Also are there rules for British nobles without chariots or similar. Just seeing how chariots should best be capitalized on Modeling wise and how it should be used as a unit. Do they move fast and ten man squad jumps out or are they an intact unit heading for battle.

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Re: Chariots in Infamy

Post by Quackstheking »

Chariots are abstracted such that a Group of 2 chariots will transport a group of 10 warriors. Basically when the warriors are mounted then you move the chariots as a group. When the Warriors dismount they are placed in base to base contact with the chariots and then the chariots can be auto moved further behInd the warriors to act as a Rallying Point.

British Nobles and Warriors do not come equipped with chariots. Chariots is one of their characteristics which means that they can purchase a transport group of 2 chariots per warrior group for 3pts. They don’t have to have chariots but they are the USP of the Brits.

Unlike in many rules, the chariots are not armoured fighting vehicles. They are great for speedy movement (and evacuation) and the ability to do darting javelin attacks whilst loaded up with warriors gives you the opportunity to both kill the enemy and build fervour.

Put simply - Chariots; don’t leave home without them!

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Re: Chariots in Infamy

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

Or try to swing low with them.....
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Re: Chariots in Infamy

Post by DougM »

On my read through I am loving the way that chariots are modelled, it seems to reflect Caesar's accounts of his invasion of Britain very well, the Romans really struggled to cope with chariots initially.

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