First game questions

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polish lancer
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First game questions

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I assume the dice order can be played in any order? Shoot and scoot...

Played our first multi player game.
Sherman 75


Marder 3

Turn 3 saw the Stug take out the Churchill to our surprise and my really bad saves. T34 took on the Panther but lost a dice and then went and hid. Firefly took a long range shot at the Stug and it exploded. T34 to hit the PzIV with it losing a die and some movement. Firefly slowly moved up the table try to flank the Panther and Marder as the allies were in a pickle. T34 managed a 27" move to split the Germans down the middle. With a great movement roll the Firefly popped out from behind the woods and took a flank shot destroying the panther.
Marder then blew the Sherman up. Then a game of cat and mouse ensued, tbe T34 firing at the rear of the Marder and the it saved all but 1 hit. The T34 tried 3 times to take the Marder out but eventually did. PzIV managed 2 shots on the T34 and missed twice and was the taken out by the Firefly.

T34 - 1 kill
Firefly - 3 kills

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Re: First game questions

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Yes, dice can be used in any order.

Kind regards,

Richard aka Monty Lardo

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