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PSC advice

Post by andy_cole »

I'm returning to Coc after a break, and fancy playing a solo PSC. I have available a regular late war British and German force. Which campaign uses those forces, I don't want to paint a whole new platoon at the moment (although a few extra supports would be do-able)

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Re: PSC advice

Post by DougM »

Crossroads Closing the Gap, Canadian vs LW Pz Gren. then Fallschirmjager, then there's Villers Bocage, LW British vs Panzer Lehr Pz Gren. Or Scottish Corridor, again LW British vs SS Pz Gren. You might need additional armour depending on what you have for the last one though.

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Re: PSC advice

Post by gilliessim »

Christmas Special 2017 has the Road to Bremen 1945 campaign. MLB / Tactical Painter has a rather engaging AAR if you want a taste of it first: ... and-2.html

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Re: PSC advice

Post by Archdukek »

The Operation Martlet PSC is the precursor to the Scottish Corridor and also pitches British against German Panzergrenadiers.


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Re: PSC advice

Post by Levi the Ox »

Haven't played it yet, but Road to Bremen looks very interesting. Also, consider running the great Blitzkrieg "Many Rivers to Cross" campaign with the Allies as the attackers instead.

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