Different size units in melee

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Different size units in melee

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When it comes to working out melee outcomes, the number of bases are counted and a dice rolled for each plus or minus modifiers.

My infantry units are 3,4, or 5 for small medium and large respectively. My cavalry are 2 , 3 or 4 bases per unit in the same way.

So a medium infantry unit will have 3 dice in melee and a medium cavalry only 2 as well as the standard cavalry vs infantry bonus modifier.

To counter this , I plan to give any medium unit 4 dice whether they are cavalry or foot. Large units 5 dice and small 3.

This is a change from the rules as written and is a bit much re like general d armee. Do you think that this would still give decisive results.

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Re: Different size units in melee

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I'm sure this will work fine, by adding in the standard rule modifiers a decisive result one way or another is likely to be achieved.


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