Holiday Sharp Practice game

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Holiday Sharp Practice game

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So something I try to do each year is run a Sharp Practice game set in a winter setting with a seasonal theme. To get the right festive spirit going I ask a multiple choice question between phases. The winner(s) get a Command Chip that they can use in the next phase. Questions this year related to Hogmanay and French Canadian Holiday traditions since it was a game set in Canada in the winter of 1759-60 after the forces of Montcalm took Quebec.
We had an out of town quest, Garrett, who brought his well behaved 6 year old son. He and William were the Highlanders and Peter and John the Canadians and Hurons.
The sheep were played by the spirit of Christmas past

Link to flickr set with AAR: ... 2532950546

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Re: Holiday Sharp Practice game

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Looks like another fantastic game! I love your thematic wilderness boards, they're really top-notch.

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