Putting together a La Haye Sainte scenario

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Putting together a La Haye Sainte scenario

Post by Ledfoot65 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 1:28 am

Hey Everyone

I am putting together a La Haye Sainte scenario and looking for input from the SP community on how to best put this together.

I am thinking about doing 3 separate waves of French assaults with the French players given fresh forces in each wave of 2 battalion formations represented by 4 line company groups, 1 grenadier group and 2 voltigeur groups. The defending British would be represented by 6 KGL light infantry groups in La Haye Sainte proper and 2 British rifle groups in the sandpit with a small number of reinforcements between waves representing the Hanover, 5th KGL line and Nassauers.

I was planning on counting the La Haye Sainte perimeter as heavy cover only assautable at the various gates (counting as major gates) and shooting from the wall along the piggery and second stories of the buildings with the French able to return fire on troops firing from these positions. I am also looking to incorporate rules for catching buildings on fire and low ammo for the KGL.

What are your ideas on how to fill out these ideas?

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Re: Putting together a La Haye Sainte scenario

Post by Captain Reid » Mon Oct 14, 2019 1:41 pm

The Complete Fondler has a la Haye Sainte scenario for SP1, but I think it would serve extremely well for a basis for a SP2 conversion. It's almost like a mini-campaign rather than just a single scenario.
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