Sharp Practice lists for Marlboroughs Wars 1700-1709

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Sharp Practice lists for Marlboroughs Wars 1700-1709

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I was just reading "Marlborough: A Fragile Genius" and I was struck hard and heavy by the desire to refight the campaigns of 1700 to 1707 using Sharp Practice-does anyone know of any army lists out in cyber -land that I could use.?

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Re: Sharp Practice lists for Marlboroughs Wars 1700-1709

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The Summer Special 2017 has an article on "Using Field of Glory Renaissance Armies in Sharp Practice" which provides some rosters for War of the Grand Alliance/League of Augsburg units (1688-1697) which might usefully serve as a starting point. As the author of that article points out, skirmishers were not a strong feature for the period and I believe that was still largely true for the War of the Spanish Succession; but they were looking at using their figures already based for FOG:R to fight larger-scale battles using a modified SP2 rules. But still maybe worth a look. Similarly, Chris Stoesen's articles in the Xmas Special 2017 on Pirates in the Spanish Main covers the period 1650-1730 and may provide some ideas.
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