Bloody Bucket

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Re: Bloody Bucket

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That's not the case TT.
Remember firing is by Teams against a target team with the firer select the initial target. All shots are calculated against the target team with any successful hits shared with other teams within 4". So in this case it's a bad idea to mix Green troops and Regulars. If your opponent has any sense he will target the Green troops so hitting on a 3+, any successful hits are then shared with the Regulars.

You will find this discussed and confirmed by Rich in a thread elsewhere on the Forum.


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Re: Bloody Bucket

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Yup my bad should not try and answer before first coffee of the morning - was getting FOW type rules in there somehow
p 33 indeed covers the situation and I remember the discussion now - we talking about shooting at your own greens to keep them away from the Elites!

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Re: Bloody Bucket

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