cavalry melee

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cavalry melee

Post by de-pulley » Sat Jun 29, 2019 9:21 pm

Hello there
We played our game of PC last night , and after a lot of painting we had a lot more cavalry than we have had up to now, at one stage , the Reb cavalry charged the union cavalry , the Rebs consisted of the lead charge unit and two rear supports , the union had just the lead cavalry regiment (the target) and one flank support , both units closed to melee , now as i understand it each unit in the melee had five dice , to start with , so for the rebs , they started with fifteen and the union ten , now my question is , do the modifiers listed on page 42 , just count for the lead units ? or in the case of the Rebs , the lead unit and two supports, and the union , their lead, and one support ?
we had a unit charge , it took four casualties and an elephant test from the defensive fire , and ended up whipped , does it now take the D3 casualties for being whipped as well ?
thank you mark

Tony TRT
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Re: cavalry melee

Post by Tony TRT » Sun Jul 14, 2019 8:59 am

Hi Mark,
My two cents worth...first, the five dice per regiment is GDA. In Pickett's Charge its one dice per stand.
The way I read the modifiers on page 42 is that they apply to each unit.
And a unit that ends up whipped as a result of an STE in defensive fire takes a 1D3 in casualties.


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