Calling Sydney, Lard & Clear

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Calling Sydney, Lard & Clear

Post by oozeboss »

As an immediate and direct result of 4 1/2 blokes playing What A Tanker! for two days at MOAB (despite it being thrown together at literally the last minute), the hosting club of MOAB is now being flooded by a tsulardie/ lardnamie. Two initial games of Chain of Command are scheduled for next Friday's meeting, a game of What A Tanker! for the Friday after that, and a third first up game of Chain of Command for the Friday following that one.

Furthermore, an ex-club member who has moved too far away to come to our weekly meetings, has bought a copy of WAT! and is getting in contact with one of our MOAB participants (who lives close to him) as a result of witnessing WAT! at MOAB.

So very well done Chris, Dare & Steve!

The generation of this massive surge in interest in TFL games - and especially in Chain of Command - has made Sutherland Shire Gamers absolutely ripe for receiving loads and lards of TFL lurve.

I now issuing an open invitation to any Sydney based (or Sydney adjacent) players of our marvelous game(s) to join us on Friday nights (in our Box Road, Sylvania HQ - where MOAB is played) for the rest of this year, and make a really concerted push to transform Sutho Shire into a veritable Lard Island South. Coupled with the massive interest generated by Steve McGuigan's impending Cancon 2019 Asia-Pacific spektarkle (and Steve will be coming next Friday to help spread the Lard), we have a terrific window of opportunity opening for us right here/ right now to significantly grow the size and scope of the Chain of Command playing OzLard community.

Hope to see you on a Friday night soon ...

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