Gilly Setup Sequence

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Gilly Setup Sequence

Post by Blucher »

What’s the sequence of setup? Marshes, ford, troops? Who sets up first. How does the group do this? Ted

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Re: Gilly Setup Sequence

Post by dakkadakka »

We played it marshes, Prussians, ford, French.

Since the French player places the ford, we assumed that the French scouts found a spot To cross the stream hitherto unknown (or overlooked) by the Prussians when they deployed for battle.

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Re: Gilly Setup Sequence

Post by EQUITES »

we placed the terrain, then we made the hidden deployment in secret erecting a barrier across the table.....
Very funny to discover the opponent deployment !!

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Re: Gilly Setup Sequence

Post by Dorsenne »

Hello B.
The right sequence is Prussian setup 2 marshes, mandatorily adjacent to the river, then French places the ford. Last the units (Prussian first)


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