OTT Destiny results

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OTT Destiny results

Post by Contrarius » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:53 am

I’m trying to like these rules, I really am. But when my entire brigade assault turns to dung as a result of a random event I begin to doubt them.

So, the first French musket volley at my Brits, they roll a double six. Not only is that a devastating 4 casualties + a Discipline Test, but they get a Destiny roll, which is a 10 = enemy Brigadier gets a stray howitzer shell through his gut — entire brigade falters!

Well, I’m gutted (or rather my Brigadier is). Problem is, the Brigade would actually have faltered on a 2 as well, after another random event involving disabling of the enemy brigadier. So that’s 2, 10, 11 and 12. Dusting off my probability theory, I make that a 7/36 chance, i.e. nearly 20%!

Problem 1. The French don’t even have any artillery on the field; nor do the Brits. Ok, so it might have been a stray musket ball. Same difference.

Problem 2. Why is a Brigadier eviscerated on 1 in 5 of all random events? Why not a battalion colonel? Why not an ADC? Why is it not the Brigadier’s horse — resulting in a temporary kerfuffle, but no long-lasting game-changing event?

It’s just too much. Surely, per the Lardy philosophy in Sharp Practice and Chain of Command, random events should not have the capacity to change the entire course of the game?

I’m sad to say, this rather wrecked my evening game and left a bad taste in the mouth of all concerned.

I’m sorry, but I’m rather tempted to rewrite the entire “Destiny” section.

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Re: OTT Destiny results

Post by Polish Lancer » Sat Dec 07, 2019 11:55 am

Seriously though a double 6 does not happen often and yes if it does it has the possibility of turning things into custard! Achieving a Destiny check does not happen too often in a game. As the saying goes , no plan survives contact with the enemy!

Problem 1 is not really imho a problem, its just a description of an event where something has happened to stall the attack or even a move, you have taken some devastating fire! "Unsightly Demise" A large cow has landed on your Brigadier!

Problem 2. Same as the above, event of much badness has happened.

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Re: OTT Destiny results

Post by Archdukek » Sat Dec 07, 2019 3:06 pm

As Polish Lancer says a Destiny Roll does not happen often, indeed I’ve played several games when there were none, but when it does it can have an impact as you found. However, in calculating probabilities you need to take account of the fact that there is only a 1/36 chance of rolling a double 6 in the first place so the probability of your Brigadier being eviscerated as the consequence of a volley is less than 1%.

As to comparisons with Sharp Practice and Chain of Command random events, those rules are written by a different author with a different approach. “General D’Armee” is not a Lardy/TFL ruleset. It’s published under the Reisswitz Press imprint to make that distinction clear.


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Re: OTT Destiny results

Post by DCRBrown » Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:26 am


The Destiny rule is designed to be frustrating for the player on the receiving end.

However, may I suggest that you look at this result from the other perspective?

First the opponent has to roll a Double Six, the odds of doing so being about 3%, which is low to say the least. But also the Double Six needs to be rolled in either Charges, Volley or Artillery Fire, so restricting the occurance further.

Then on the immediate following roll there is over an 80% chance that your general will not be "impacted" upon. Again the odds are low.

Put the two odds together and as John says, it's an unlucky general indeed who meets his fate in this manner.


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Re: OTT Destiny results

Post by dakkadakka » Tue Dec 10, 2019 12:03 am

There are instances of this type of event happening throughout history. Advance the clock about 50 years and take a look at the first day of Gettysburg. John Reynolds, Commander of the Union I Corps takes a fatal bullet from a sharpshooter. Not long thereafter, the I Corps routs back to Cemetery Hill. That is pretty much exactly what happened in your battle.

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