3D Printed Board and Tokens

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3D Printed Board and Tokens

Post by stevothedivo »

Hey all. Bought the rules tonight, had a little solo game after watching the video - and of course sat down to make the tokens and board for it so here is my first attempt (well, second really...I made CoC markers last time but this time there's a BOARD, too!)
Feedback welcome and encouraged as I'm still learning. Please upload makes if you print one or eleven, I'm finishing a run of german transports then these boards are up next should be an interesting project.
Regards and have fun!

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Re: 3D Printed Board and Tokens

Post by sackatatties »

Downloaded, ready to print once my printer is finished building my Italians.


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Re: 3D Printed Board and Tokens

Post by smiller »

Thanks..I've got three printers in my robotics classroom. We'll put this "special project" on Monday. Appreciate you doing the work!

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Re: 3D Printed Board and Tokens

Post by Tom Ballou »

Printed and painted!


One comment the pin handles are a little large, if all are set.

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