CoC Trial Game 'AAR'...

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CoC Trial Game 'AAR'...

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We played our second trial game of Chain of Command on Monday night!

We chose the patrol scenario and it was set in 1940. We had a time limit which would allow us time for coffee and rules discussion after. As we played each phase we went through the rules in detail until we became confident. The game ran smoothly (if a bit slowly early on as we checked rules several times) and was quite engrossing as each 'phase' you were challenged with how to use your command choices.  I think we got the rules pretty spot on, except for leader casualties when we automatically killed two Junior Leaders when we should have rolled for severity of the hit instead (it was one for each side so it balanced out haha).

When we stopped for our debrief the game was anybody's, the Jerries having lost two levels of morale to the Brits one Level. Next time we play CoC we will go for a full game.

Some pictures from the night;

The British advance into the ruined hamlet...

A mighty Mk VI tank deploys in support of the British Platoon, it was destined to do little!

The German right flank Section deploys for action!

Full details and more picture of this trial game are here on the TSOG Blog...
https://toysoldiersforoldgits.blogspot. ... -game.html

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Re: CoC Traial Game 'AAR'...

Post by gilliessim »

Very good Darling.

Seems like a very sensible approach rather than jumping in head first as I did! If you haven't yet I would recommend checking out:

The Tactical Painter ... -aars.html

and Tiny Hordes

For great AAR's that I have found help with learning the game and particularly some valuable insights and tactics.

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