Advice On Custom Game Tokens - What do I need?

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Advice On Custom Game Tokens - What do I need?

Post by Sharpe »

Hi guys,
So another noobie question. I am getting some gaming tokens made up for CDS. Can anyone make any comments on the following:

1) For shock, I am looking at numbered yellow circle tokens, numbered 1 - 10. Do you think this is about right or is 10 too high/low a number for shock? I figure 1-10 means you can stack counters to get to the number of shock a unit has?

2) Does pinning stack the way shock does, or is a unit simply 'pinned'? I am assuming it is just 'pinned', as such I only need tokens with 'P' or 'Pinned' on them rather than setting them up like the shock tokens above.

3) Similar on the casualty markers. I am going to be playing with FoW based figures (so typically 2-4 figures per base). As such I am assuming that I dont need to have casualty markers that go over the number 4 as I can just remove the base when the unit has taken for casualties - or is there a need to track total number of casualties?

Any thoughts guys?

- Sharpe

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Re: Advice On Custom Game Tokens - What do I need?

Post by SteveBurt »

1-10 should be fine most of the time - you can always stack more on the 10
You just need a single marker for pinned (e.g. the red 'splash' plastic markers the lardies sell)
You don't need to track total casualties - just men left.

Charles Eckart
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Re: Advice On Custom Game Tokens - What do I need?

Post by Charles Eckart »

If you number around the edges of the marker using it like a dial you could number one side 1 to 5 or 6 and the flip side 6 or 7 to 10 or 12.

It would save on the number of markers you would need.

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Re: Advice On Custom Game Tokens - What do I need?

Post by Nellkyn »

Up to ten shock should do you just fine.

You'll only need to place a single "pinned" marked with a unit. You'll also need a "suppressed" marker. We just use the same for both, one for pinned and two for suppressed. When the Time Out card comes out we just remove one from each unit.

No need to track unit casualties. Just remove the base, as you say. You will need to know total number of casualties at the end of the game for calculating Political Victory.

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