OK, I've had enough of Infamy & Deployment!

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Re: OK, I've had enough of Infamy & Deployment!

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25 points isn't much for the Romans, but if they're attacking then two scouts (2 points), one unit of allied tribal cavalry (7 points) a status II Leader (6 points), and perhaps some allied noble cavalry (10 points), isn't a bad shout. Lots of scouting potential - and if you're coupling it with the equitata-based force, you'll potentially either remove every enemy ambush point, or at least convert them to DPs.
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Re: OK, I've had enough of Infamy & Deployment!

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Actually, that looks like a good combo to add to the Cohors Peditatae list I've drawn for the Foraging Party game next time round. I'll make the Status 2 a local leader, to keep the Surly possibility under some kind of control if it turns up on the dice roll! 😄

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Re: OK, I've had enough of Infamy & Deployment!

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My optios use their special rule more often than not. Sometimes with the whole formation, sometimes with a "forlorn hope" detachment.

In my solo games the Romans have lost 5 out of 7. However they are doing better now they have used the "learning by doing" technique to study the ambush rules.

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