Losing Fervour & Javelins

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Re: Losing Fervour & Javelins

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It'd retain fervour but remember supporting groups share Shock inflicted in combat so could see fervour reduced by that
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Re: Losing Fervour & Javelins

Post by Delta501st »

I can't find a reference for being able to throw spears as part of your movement in the rules.
Also, if you stood still and threw spears, would that count as an activation?

The reason I ask is the following scenario:

Barbarian leader's leader card is pulled, and he orders his mob to throw spears (assuming they're in range). Each group loses a fervour.

Tempus Fugit card is pulled

Barbarian player uses a signa to activate his mob (if throwing spears does not count as an activation, they would be able to activate after the TF), and uses uncontrolled movement to charge the romans, throwing spears on his way into combat, and getting a ferocious charge (assuming they still have fervour)
Because it is after the TF, the Romans can't use their drill, so have to take the charge without bracing shields or throwing pila.

I'm sure I'm missing something here, but I play games with my brother, who is a lawyer, and will challenge me on little things like this if I don't have a good reference in the rules.

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Re: Losing Fervour & Javelins

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Unlike Sharp Practice Moving and Throwing are not two different actions. On page 38 it indicates that for one Leader Initiative a Leader may get a group to move, shoot or fight - these are not 3 separate actions thus a Leader could activate them to move, throw a spear on the way in and end up in combat fighting. Remember though that Romans Warriors throw things as a Point of Drill.

Each Troop type has throwing specialities. A simple guide to throwing things for Warriors is below:

Barbarian Warriors - when activated whether by a Leader or Signa Card after TF, may Move; or throw something; or move and throw something at any point in their move. This counts as having been activated using one Leader initiative..

Roman Warriors - When activated Roman Warriors may move for one Leader Initiative. In addition using Tactical Drill which does not count as an activation, Romans can Throw Pila/Javelins for one Leader Initiative or one Signa Card. Thus a Leader could Activate the Roman Drilled Group to move with one initiative/card and throw Pila for a second Initiative or Card. In addition, as this is Tactical Drill they could throw their second Pila/Javelin for another card/activation. Finally as Tactical drill, can be done at ANY point in the turn prior to the Tempus Fugit Card, even during a Barbarian activation, Romans can use Signa Cards in their hand or available on the table, to conduct a Point of Drill and throw Javelins.

So looking at your example the Barbarians are activated if they stand still and throw spears. They could move but don't have to, however not moving towards the enemy on a Leader Activation means they lose one Fervour per Group. If the Leader choses not to activate them, then they would lose a Fervour anyway (see page 66).

Hope that helps

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Re: Losing Fervour & Javelins

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Yea, that helps. Thanks for the clarification!

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