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Force Lists

Post by Waterhorse »

Page 73 in the Rules has me puzzled:

Please note, the core Force Lists are of a lower points value than ‘buying’ them straight from the Rosters. This is designed to encourage the use of well-balanced forces.

This doesn't appear the case, unless I am misunderstanding something or only the EIR Forces are wrong.

Now granted I've not included the Leader Costs, mainly as I can't find a value for a Leader III but unless me or Excel have messed up (always possible) the three EIR Forces totals, as published, are 16, 12, 20 higher, than the sum of their individual content when taken from the Rosters (Leaders not included).


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Re: Force Lists

Post by Captain Reid »

By my calculations yesterday all the forces, including the EIR were just rounded down to the nearest 5 points.

A Status III leader is 10 points for the purposes of creating your own lists
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Re: Force Lists

Post by Waterhorse »

Thanks, that makes some kind of sense, even if I can’t truly see why it was done without explanation. Maybe Rich was not expecting too many mathematical pedants to buy the rules!

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Re: Force Lists

Post by Quackstheking »

It was done as it says on p74 to encourage players to use the researched core lists.


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Re: Force Lists

Post by Arminius II »

I’ve just got the rules and the German lists are not accurate points wise either, they actually total less than published by around 10 points.

I couldn’t find the cost of a Status III leader in the rule book either, only on this forum.

However, I am looking forward to some interesting games and plenty of fun with thesecrules.

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Re: Force Lists

Post by Kustenjaeger »

Warlord is 10 points - only one per force.

I think that the calculated values of the German lists are therefore:
Rhine tribes 109
Germania Magna 102
Revolting Foederati 117

So if rounding down to nearest 5 points these work as written.



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