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Re: Infamy

Post by Archdukek »

Jiefu wrote:
Sun Jun 28, 2020 11:22 am
Just gaining the Infamy of being the first person to post in the Infamy forum section.
When I reply does that count as “Infamy, Infamy!“ :shock: :roll: :D


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Re: Infamy

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

I do hope that neither of you are sock puppets looking to promote a game without paying the appropriate advertising fees? 8-)

[Posted on behalf of "The Friends of Kenneth".]
No plan survives first contact with the dice.

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Re: Infamy

Post by genew49 »

If you are as the Baron says then you will be Infamous.

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Re: Infamy

Post by ZenBadger »

My dear Baron, no need to be so "snippy" ;)

Roll on Monday's email...

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Re: Infamy

Post by Kustenjaeger »


Really looking forward to this.

I just had to explain the title to our son and (French) daughter in law - which actually led to a discussion of why Caesar is often portrayed as an old man in media ...

Back on topic:

I found an old box of unmade Wargames Factory 28mm Caesarian Roman last week so I made and undercoated 42 figures and 9 are now being painted. A few Victrix sample sprues will provide a unit of Greek slingers and of Spanish caetrati. So far the barbarians just have samples.



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Re: Infamy

Post by DougM »

I dug out one box of Republican Romans (Victrix) and bought another plus some spare sprues to build support, then went hog wild at 1st Corps getting some big bulky Ancient Germans. The odd eBay Gauls will become Roman Allies. But I am still needing to find pennies to base them all on.

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Re: Infamy

Post by John_savage_uk »

Excited to see Infamy with it’s own section on the TFL Forum.

Really looking forward to the discussions on here as the rules start to hit the streets next week.


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Re: Infamy

Post by WombatDazzler »

I have a game lined up for Friday night Romans/Celts. Just need the pdf to arrive.

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Re: Infamy

Post by alanincanberra »

As UK mail to Australia is taking between 4 and 6 weeks I am really looking forward to the PDF. I am hoping to first make up an Imperial Roman force of Auxilia depicted as troops of the Classis Germanica (the Rhine river flotilla). Regards Alan

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Re: Infamy

Post by Neil Todd »

Yes just watching the inbox for the PDF myself

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