Little Wars Lard America Event

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Little Wars Lard America Event

Post by e.harding » Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:55 am

After attending the last 2 east coast cons and having great fun participating in the Lard America events we are looking to start a Midwest chapter of Lard America with the kick off being the upcoming Little Wars convention April 25-28 at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center. If you’re in the area and planning on attending Little Wars and would be interested in participating with a game, you can sign up thru the HMGS-Midwest site and include “Lard America” in the comments field of your game submission. We are working on getting a few tables in the same area, so we can put up a couple of signs to promote the Lardie games. Feel free to drop me an email to discuss,, if you submit a game please drop me an email so I can maintain a master list and arrange tables. Our local group are planning on running at least 6 games, hoping to get a few more added to that number. If you’re interested in being included in the larger Lard America group email discussions let me know. We have a thumbs up from Ed Bowen to stir up interest in the Midwest, looking forward to it! Let’s get Deep Dish Lard off to a great start!

Ed Harding

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Re: Little Wars Lard America Event

Post by tlangston28 » Mon Jan 21, 2019 6:42 pm

Hi Ed,

I have been attending Little Wars Midwest for several years now with a couple of friends and last year we actually played in a Chain of Command event and had a blast! We are looking forward to this year's events and hope to participate in a few games - possibly a CoC and a WaT event or two.

I will also be dropping you an e-mail to get some details on what the plans are for the Lard events.


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Re: Little Wars Lard America Event

Post by l'audace » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:41 pm

I put in two games for the Lard America group at Little Wars. I'm looking forward to a good Lard turnout and to meet some other Mid-Western Lardies.


Putot en Bessin, June 8, 1944
On June 8, 1944 the 26SS Panzergrenadiers begin their attack to seize the Allied beachhead in Normandy. They the surprised the Canadian Royal Winnipeg Rifles caught in the open, but as the Germans approach the town Putot en Bessin Co D of the RWR lie in defense. Can the Germans breakthrough to the Allied beachhead? Or will the Canadians hold on long enough for reinforcements to arrive?

Fri 9-2

Revenge at Turk's Head Tavern, Chester Co. Pennsylvania 1777
After his defeat at Paoli, "Mad" Anthony Wayne sends a detachment to Turk's Head Tavern (modern West Chester, PA) seeking revenge against supposed Tories in Chester County Penn. Meanwhile a Loyalist and Hessian force learn of the Rebel's movements and try to intercept Wayne's forces and interrupt their plans, whatever they are?

Sat 9-2

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Re: Little Wars Lard America Event

Post by weharding » Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:48 pm

My events are in, may be switching Guadaljara to Saturday afternoon to better spread out the Lard!

Battle of Sacramento, 1861 - Friday 6 PM (Ballroom Table G-4)
First engagement by famous Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest's cavalry group received information of a Union cavalry detachment in the town of Sacramento, Kentucky and despite commanding a smaller force, moved to push them from the town. Can you recreate Forrest's first victory? Or stop his legend before it begins to grow?

Guadalajara 1937 - An Italian Civil War in Spain - Saturday 9 AM (Ballroom table G-6) - Time may be adjusted
On the third day of the Italian Corpo Truppe Voluntarie's advance towards Guadalajara they encounter a detachment from the XII International Brigade, the Garibaldi Battalion, near the Palacio De Don Luis. In a rare encounter during the Spanish Civil War, Italians would fight Italians to decide the fate of Spain. Can you continue the push to Madrid? Or stop the Nationalist advance?

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Re: Little Wars Lard America Event

Post by e.harding » Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:50 pm

Update on Lard America, Midwest chapter. We have 11 games scheduled for the Little Wars event, April 26/27. On Friday we have 4 games: a COC WW2, Putot en Bassin; a SP2 ACW, Battle of Sacramento; a SP2 SYW, The Russians are coming; and a SP2 Jacobite Rebellion, Bayonets & Broadswords. On Saturday we have 7 games. An all day, 4 games, Desert 1941 WAT for up to 10 players, win an Ace rating and carry it over into any of the other games; a SP2 AWI, Revenge at Turk’s Tavern; a SP2 COC SCW, Guadalajara 1937 and a, to be named, SP2 ACW game. I don’t think we will get any additional games but a good show for our first outing. I think you’ll see some of these games submitted to the Historicon PEL in the near future.

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