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GigaHistorical Day Marietta Georgia

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:06 pm
by mluther
If you can't make Fall In this year we have a really nice Historical Game Day in Georgia.
We plan on a couple of CoC tables-including a SCW game, Two SP games-AWI and Second Seminole War, Baltic Coastal Patrol, Kiss Me Hardy small boats, a modified Floppy hat early SP variant and more. Besides those games we have a couple of Blood & Plunders, SAGA, Gangs of Rome, Wings of Glory WWI air and others. All day gaming. A charity raffle, food and beverages on site-with a great beer assortment.
Starts at 10 am and we'll have games running all day The shop also has one of the best selections of historical gaming minis in the SE USA.
Giga-Bites Café 1851 Roswell Road Marietta, GA 30062
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Contact Mark Luther mhluther76 at gmail dot com

Re: GigaHistorical Day Marietta Georgia

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:21 pm
by mluther
And more reasons to come for the Free Game Day in Marietta Georgia, Saturday Nov 10th. Some pics of the upcoming games
Rob Tuttle is running a 28mm CoC Spanish Civil War game
ImageSCW 1 by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageSCW3 by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageSCW4 by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageSCW beer by Mark Luther, on Flickr
And to highlight the incredible beer selection, I thought I'd do a beer pairing with the games. For SCW I'll go with Cigar City's Jai Alai IPA Light beer for an early morning game in the Mediterranean sun.

And a preview of my Baltic Coastal Patrol game for those needing to get their Sboote fix

ImageCP2 by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageCP1 by Mark Luther, on Flickr

ImageCP3 by Mark Luther, on Flickr

And for this one I recommend Victory Storm King A dark foamy stout to keep the stomach settled.
ImageCPbeer by Mark Luther, on Flickr

Re: GigaHistorical Day Marietta Georgia

Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2018 2:08 am
by mluther
We have a full day of games planned for GigaHistorical Day this Saturday Nov 10. Lots of TFL games lined up including a SCW CoC, Kiss Me Hardy, Coastal Patrol, Sharp Practice in a couple of different periods, and more. So if you are anywhere near Marietta, GA you should head on over for some top notch games at this FREE event. Charity raffle with prizes from some big name game manufacturers. Food and beverages on site and the biggest beer selection ever seen at a Game Day.

Schedule of Events
10:00 AM Chain of Command - Road to Madrid Gangs of Rome - Fighting in the Forum Sharply Buffed - Netherlands Pirates
11:00 AM Kiss Me Hardy - Napoleon Naval Engagement Team Yankee - Cold War Gone Hot
12:00 AM Combat Command - Early WWII Blood Red Skies -
WWII Air Combat Raffle Prize Draw!
1:00 PM Colonel Kurt's Campaign in a Day - Battle of Gettysburg Blood and Plunder - Land Battle The Men Who Would Be King - French in Morocco
2:00 PM Coastal Patrol - Baltic Sea Raffle Prize Draw!
3:00 PM Sharp Practice - Napoleon Landing Party Wings of Glory - WWI Air Combat
4:00 PM Knights & Knaves - Clash of Iron Raffle Prize Draw!
5:00 PM Saga: Age of Vikings - Dark Age Skirmish
6:00 PM Sharp Practice - Second Seminole War Blood and Plunder - Oceans of Gold Raffle Prize Draw!

Raffle is for the benefit of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Tickets will be on sale from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You must be present at drawing time to receive a prize. Please note we can only accept cash as payment for tickets.
All are welcome to play in any of the games listed above, and we hope to also have free tables for those who want to play their own historical games.
While we hope everyone can attend at the stated times, game availability and start times are subject to change. Each game listed here will last an estimated 3+ hours and will be played on separate tables.