Activation Mods for Larger Games?

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Activation Mods for Larger Games?

Post by Mako »

Don't know if this will work, or perhaps if other rules sets are better for this sort of thing, but I'm wondering if anyone has tried platoon, and/or section (two vehicles) activation for larger What a Tanker games?

I'm thinking this might be useful for larger games, with more vehicles, where you want to run scenarios instead of just do a little independent tank stalking, instead.

For example, where one side is attacking, and the other defending, and the attacker needs/wants to get their attack column off the far side of the game board, and the defenders are there to prevent that. Might make sense have the entire column activate as a whole, and/or at least by platoons - probably need to let the attacker choose which platoon to activate, once his/her/their turn crops up (front one first would be the most logical), in order to avoid having the rear-most platoon in a road-based column activate first, causing issues.

Then again, perhaps that is a "feature" to add to the real frustration of the commander(s), in order to simulate "real-world" traffic congestion of road-bound units - thinking boggy ground to the sides, and/or being in a town/city, and/or a defile in a mountainous forest, etc. If the rear-most unit(s) activate first, they can just lose their turn, and/or attempt to circumvent the congestion by moving around it, and possibly bogging down. Then, try again the next turn.

If doing this, probably makes sense for the scenario to permit Initiative Bonuses for the defenders, who will probably be on over-watch, and attempting to ambush any enemy units sighted, and in range.


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Re: Activation Mods for Larger Games?

Post by Archdukek »

You might want to check out the AFV Platoon orders system in I Ain't Been Shot Mum which allows the platoon Leader to coordinate the actions of several AFVs.


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