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Re: Battles of the 100 Days - Scenarios

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:17 pm
by nikjen66
Thanks Dave. That’s really helpful although Letort was actually a GdeB with the Dragoon’s forming one brigade of the Guard Heavy Cavalry Division.

The unit was also 800+ strong so should it be a large unit.

I know i’m Nit-picking, but guess who’s playing the French next week? 😂😂😂

Re: Battles of the 100 Days - Scenarios

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 7:13 am
by Contrarius
So, 400 cavalrymen is a small unit? I’d have thought that was a fairly standard size for the Waterloo campaign.

While we’re here, I was wondering how to treat abnormally small units such as the Brunswick uhlan squadron and the British household cavalry regiments, namely the Royal Horse Guards and the Life Guards. Combine them? (With the Brunswick hussar regt in the former case, with each other in the latter.) The problem here is that the household cavalry each nominally had two squadrons, so should each be fielding two distinct ranks of figures, and when combined they make a four squadron elite monster yet gain no advantage from being a large elite unit.

iirc, several French cuirassier regiments could barely scrape together 250 men, so would also fall into this category. And then there’s the Polish lancer squadron (combine with the Dutch lancers?)

I tend to reduce the frontage of my weaker cavalry units so instead of the six figures of a standard squadron my “numerically challenged” squadrons have only five or four figures. My question is, does this have any repercussions under the rules - e.g. for being outflanked when up against a normal six-figure squadron?

Re: Battles of the 100 Days - Scenarios

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 9:23 am
by Archdukek
I can't see why you don't simply merge the abnormally small units into either standard or large units if you and your opponent agree. The number of squadrons is only relevant for showing the different formations, you could field them as a double line if you want.
As an Elite Large unit they would gain +2CD in Melee compared to a standard line unit.

Using fewer figures on a smaller frontage would only become a problem if the difference were such that your opponents units more than doubled your frontage when charging. In that case you would suffer the -1 penalty for being cavalry on a Narrower frontage.


Re: Battles of the 100 Days - Scenarios

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 6:58 pm
by nikjen66
Well we finally did it. Last night the Needingworth massive coalesced on mate Miles’ house to play the Gilly scenario.Flash Gordon, Stevo and I played the forces of light against the evil Germans played by Miles and Doozer. I’ll try and post some pics later when I’ve figured out the technology but didn’t take many beyond the start as, to say the least, it was a tense and close fun affair.

Notable amongst the low lights for Boneys boys was the rebuttal of an overwhelming attack on Gilly against some puny Landwehr. A dozen or more attacking dice v a handful of defensive ones saw the cream of French manhood repelled with 5 hits sustained and 2 inflicted. Oh well these things happen. Then we had 6 turns in a row for the Guard Dragoons to sit idle. Several turns of only 2 out of the four front line brigades activating.

It always seems the case when you’re struggling that your opponents have a run of good luck but I am sure if we’d kept a record of CD and half hit rolls that French attained barely 10% compared to 80-90% for the nasty Prussians.

That aside great game in fabulous company and although we played until midnight last night and the French won it on turn 10 with the two better Prussian brigades faltering at the very end and breaking.

If you’ve seen Battle of the Bastards this was it in buckets!! No idea how we won but I felt like Jon Snow at the very end- battered, exhausted and slightly embarrassed.

Great scenario but we now march into to Quatre Bras!,