Vandamme attack at Ligny

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Vandamme attack at Ligny

Post by Dorsenne »

Hello friends,
I'm working on the scenario of Vandamme attack at Ligny. In this scenario Prussians units that defend the 3 villages are the key for the game correct progress. I would like to discuss with you to understand if I apply the rules correctly.
Pag.98 : Prussian Landwehr, Spanish volunteer units, Russian Opolochenie and so on. Every time such a unit takes a Discipline test, also roll a Casualty Die - if the result is 1,2, or 3 , the units are trated as standard recruits. if the result is a 4, 5 or 6, the unit is trated as veteran instead.The enthusiastic die roll only lasts for as long as the unit is fresh. Once a unit reaches 4+ casualties, it will permanently adopt the recruit grade.

At pag. 64 in the box:
No Discipline test are taken by a garrison.

Therefore any Landwehr unit that defend the villages will never make the Discipline test, when arrive at 4 losses they automatically become recruits.
According to you is my in interpretation right ?

Thanks for your interest.

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Re: Vandamme attack at Ligny

Post by Archdukek »

Yes Dorsennes, that would be my interpretation too. The main rule on Discipline Tests on page 75 confirms that Garrisons ignore all Discipline Tests from enemy fire.

One other option you might want to consider, depending on your assessment of the Landwehr's historic performance, would be to classify them as Reservists (p98) which guarantees that they start as Line troops while Fresh. Although missing out on the possibility of being Veteran, the benefits of that status for movement and firing are largely lost when garrisoning a BUA.


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