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Charge situations and clarifications

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 4:39 pm
by bvera
Great game this morning at the club featruing a Russian-Austrian army counterattacking the French at Austerlitz in the Pratzen Heights.
This has been the first game we were able to conclude so it seems the learning curve is flattening at last.
We had however a couple of situations about which I'd like to have your views

Initiative is French
Two French bons declare charge on two Russian bon in a brigade
A third Russian bon in the same brigade declares charge to another bon but of a different French brigade
French charges are first resolved and resulted in the two Russian bon routed, the the whole brigade gets "Falter" status
Question: can the third Russian bon complete the charge or is affected in that moment by the "Falter" Brigade status that bans the units of the brigade moving closer to the enemy?
In other words, are charge resolutions simultaneous or not?
This was important in the game as the French brigade had one bon retreating and a good outcome of the Russian charge would have put the Frech center in falter status

Skirmish evading charge
A Russian bon charges the extreme left position of a French's brigade skirmish line (see below)
According to the book, the French must evade if passing a DT which they successfully completed
Question: should the WHOLE skirmish line evade and reposition behind the friendly close order infantry units?
This was important because in the firing phase the rest of the Russian brigade could volley fire the packed French close order units
Alternatively: can the French skirmish base in the area of the charge just move sideways and hide behind the rest of the skirmish line?

French bon French bon(light) French bon (light)

Russ bon Russ bon Russ bon Russ bon Russ bon
(charging) RUSS REG 2

Follow-up question: as the French Sk evades, the Russian unit may continue the charge into the French bon behind, is that right?
In that case, it had to stop 5cm from the French and suffer a volley before completing the charge? Or as a result of the evade move the French line would not have had to react?

Commnets and clarifications welcome

Re: Charge situations and clarifications

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:14 pm
by Archdukek
Hi Benito,
Here are my thoughts on your questions:
1) Yes the Russian battalion can complete its charge. A Faltering brigade cannot Declare charges (p41, point 6) but as the charge has already been declared it will be seen through to completion. The restriction on movement applies to the Movement phase. The Russians would however suffer the -1 penalty for being part of a Faltering Brigade when testing for the Charge outcome.

2) My understanding of the evade rules on pages 50 and 66 is that the whole Skirmish line must evade and according to page 66 must make a full evade move to behind Close Order units or into cover. So no you can't just withdraw some bases behind the rest of the screen. The rules seem quite clear to me.

3) Point 4 on page 50 confirms that the Chargers have the option of continuing the charge against other targets within reach so they could continue into the French line. You then follow the normal Charge Procedure which would include the possibility of defensive fire by the charge target if the Skirmishers have evaded far enough to clear their lines.

Hope that helps,


Re: Charge situations and clarifications

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 8:33 pm
by bvera
Thanks very much for the answers
It seems the sketch of the situation I tried to do did not came out right but you've understood the issue

Re: Charge situations and clarifications

Posted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:52 am
by DCRBrown

Yes John is spot on, especially with regard to skirmishers evading - when a unit evades, the whole unit evades.