Cavalry charging Skirmishers

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Cavalry charging Skirmishers

Post by valleyboy » Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:45 pm

Hi Dave
I've asked this on the GdeB forum as well...

Yesterday in a game with his Enemanence Von Peter Himself we came across a situation that is new to me.
2 French battalions were advancing, one in line and one in column and were screened by skirmishers
Some dastardly Prussian lights were around 25 cms away from the infantry and I thought that in the event of a charge I would have an opportunity to form square as the cavalry were more than 15cms away

The Prussian cavalry charged the squirmishers who successfully evaded and this meant the cavalry could continue the charge against other targets in reach (Page 50) - "declare the new target and follow the charge procedure"....

This now means that the Prussians are only about 7 cms away from the formed infantry when the new charge starts and if one literally follows the charge procedure this means that the formed infantry do not get an opportunity to form square, (even though the start of the initial charge was 25cms away)...
When designing the rules was this your intention?
As it happens the lights bounced off but I wonder what the result may have been if they had been lancers or heavies
Played this way, infantry screened by skirmishers could be seen to be disadvantaged if cavalry are in the vicinity compared to those not screened

2nd question - Does the ADC "Glory" attachment count in the second phase of a melee?

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Re: Cavalry charging Skirmishers

Post by Archdukek » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:31 am

While you are waiting for Dave's reply here is my 2p worth.

Point 4 under Evade Procedure on page 50 specifically refers to the Chargers being able "to continue the charge" if their initial target evades. They then work through the charge procedure on the new target unit. So to my mind this is clearly a continuation of the initial charge declaration which started far enough away in your example for the infantry to attempt to form square.

Paragraph 6a on page 36 in the definition of Glory says that it provides a bonus in melee during the turn. Since the second phase of the melee is taking place during the same turn then the Glory attachment will still count in my view. Your Brigadier is still performing the gallant hero role to inspire the men.


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Re: Cavalry charging Skirmishers

Post by valleyboy » Sun Oct 01, 2017 8:13 am

Thanks John
That would be my preferred interpretation of both of those points
Thank you

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Re: Cavalry charging Skirmishers

Post by DCRBrown » Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:08 pm


a) As its all one charge action - your battalion can treat the charge as having started from its original charge position and so may attempt to form square.

b) Yes both rounds, see p89 Melee Definitions.


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