Volley fire with friendly skirmishers to your front

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Volley fire with friendly skirmishers to your front

Post by loadandfire » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:08 pm

I had a game yesterday with a friend and a discussion came up regarding arc of fire and fire restrictions. My opponent had a battalion deployed in line with friendly skirmish stands deployed to its front and covering just over half of his front.

I understand that if the brigade was Hesitant he would not be able to fire referring to the rule on page 75 regarding restricted fire. Which was the case.

That point made; in the same example and his brigade was Obeying Orders would the battalion be able to issue fire at 1/2 effect considering the 45 degree arc of fire?
Conceivably the stand which was slightly obscured by friendly skirmish stand he could angle his fire 45 degrees so as to negate the skirmish stand to his front.

Please comment, thanks.

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Re: Volley fire with friendly skirmishers to your front

Post by Archdukek » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:32 pm

If you check out the rule on Restricted Fire and Line of Sight on page 75 you will see the conditions which need to be met when a unit has its line of sight blocked by a friendly unit which would include friendly skirmishers.

Since you say that over half the frontage of the line unit is covered by friendly skirmishers then I would keep things simple and say no it can't fire. However, this is really a judgement call to be made and agreed with your opponent depending on the actual situation in your game on how much of the firing frontage is obscured.


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