Club scenario

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Club scenario

Post by Petracelli »


We will be putting the rules through their paces at our next club meeting in a couple of weeks.

Does anyone have a similar size scenario to that in the book but using Brits against the French instead?

Will probably have plenty of questions as well...



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Re: Club scenario

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Phil,
Sorry can't help with a scenario. However, we played the introductory scenario at our Club Sunday meeting this week substituting Austrians for Russians and it worked fine. Substituting British could be trickier as they tend to be of better quality but it should still work with a few adjustments. There is a certain resemblance to the situation at Fuentes de Onoro to my mind.

One word of warning, we were playing in 28mm with one player per side plus an umpire and it took up most of the day. Not a reflection of the rules which worked very smoothly, more the practical impact of moving that many troops. It would definitely have benefitted from having another player on each side. Still it was a very enjoyable game.


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Re: Club scenario

Post by giobaratto »

Hi Phil,
yesterday in our club in Madrid we played a "modified" version of the battle of Maida, 12 units for the french and 11 for the british. It's quite a simple scenario in which you could try the rules without too much problems about BUA or terrain. The only thngs is that only french have cavalry, as historically happens. If you want I can send you the Oob and the map we used and you can add or change whatever you want to fit your need,


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