Questons about Opportunity charges

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Questons about Opportunity charges

Post by in.cover » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:45 pm

In a recent game a situation occurred which raised a number of questions.

I was the player with initiative and had an infantry brigade on an assault order. I had an infantry battalion 7cms from an enemy battery. I declared a charge and supported it with one flank support and one rear support.

The battery had a cavalry unit close by which declared an opportunity charge on the charging infantry battalion. The cavalry unit passed its discipline test to opportunity charge

The Rules state that the original charging unit should be moved forward 5cm but this would put it only 2cm from the battery.

Q1 Should the charging unit be moved forward 2cm or 5cm or should the cavalry not be allowed to opportunity charge due to the closeness of the units?

We moved the infantry forward 2cm and conducted a charge by the cavalry. The rules state the original charging unit is moved but does not mention supports

Q2 Should the supports also be moved forward in support of the original charging unit?

In the game the infantry battalion passed its discipline test for being infantry in line charged by cavalry. It then threw double 6 in the charge test and the cavalry unit retired.

The infantry battalion had obviously moved in the charge phase so could not move in the movement phase.

Q3 Is the artillery battery allowed to move? It was the original target of the charge and if involved in the charge phase is not allowed to move. However the original charge was cancelled so it could be assumed to be free to move.

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Re: Questons about Opportunity charges

Post by Archdukek » Sun Jul 16, 2017 9:18 pm

Here are my thoughts on your questions for what they are worth:
1) Since a unit may not move within 5cm of an enemy then I would agree with you that the infantry should only move 2cm and stop 5cm from the battery. So I think what you did was correct.
Whether the cavalry could charge at such close distance really depends on the relative position bearing in mind that after the use of the charge bonus to wheel it needs to charge in a straight line.
2) While the rules are silent on the matter I would allow them to move to maintain their relative position to the infantry unit. After all the infantry unit is moving because it has started its charge which is then interrupted. It would be odd if it was separated from its supports because of an opportunity charge..
3) Since the charge was interrupted the artillery was not obliged to react to being charged so can act in the movement phase in my view.


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