GdB Scenario Books

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GdB Scenario Books

Postby john de terre neuve » Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:49 am

Someone on TMP had asked whether you could use the GdB scenario books with GdA.

I had forgotten that I had the Wellington's Victories booklet.

I had a quick look through and it appears that these scenarios would be very easily adapted to GdA.

I believe that GdB has a 1:20 ratio. So it is pretty easy to multiple the number of figures in the scenario book by 20 to get their size.

In GdA Small is <475, Standard is 475-750, Large >800. This may give some players pause as a 36 figure unit would be Standard and a 40 figure unit would be Large. I am good with it though.

The tricky bit will be the brigade structure, as in GdA the minimum number of units in a brigade is 2, many of the scenarios in the book have just 1 artillery or cavalry unit per side (although I see no clear restriction in the rule book for an infantry division having an attached artillery battery or cavalry regiment)

I believe there are also 5 grades of troops in GdB: Elite, Veteran, Line, 2nd Line, and Conscripts. There are only 4 in GdA: Elite, Veteran, Line, and Recruits. One would have to decide where to place 2nd line in GdA.

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Re: GdB Scenario Books

Postby KeefM » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:19 pm

GdA also has Reservist, Enthusiastic Recruits, and Grenadier for additional morale gratings to help with converting scenarios.
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Re: GdB Scenario Books

Postby EQUITES » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:16 pm

Actually there are six basic grades in GDB :
Guard,Elite,Veteran,Line, 2ndLine and Conscript.

I believe that :
GdB Second LINE and Conscript = GdA RECRUIT
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