double six discipline test

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double six discipline test

Post by EQUITES »

I need a clarification....

On rulebook pag.93 :
A Double 6 rolled in a Discipline Test will result in the testing unit immediately recovering one casualty. There is no Destiny roll.

On Vitoria supplement pag .21 :
A double six discipline test result only applies against skirmisher targets; it does not apply to close order infantry, cavalry or artillery units.

I'm not sure about the meaning....
Thank you in advance.

polish lancer
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Re: double six discipline test

Post by polish lancer »

I think the reference on Page 21 of the scenario book refers to page 70 Para 9 b of the rule book. - Any Double 6 from your combined Casualty Dice inflicts a Discipline Test upon the target unit.

So for the scenario book you apply the Special rules when playing the scenarios and not what is actually in the rules. So if skirmisher get double 6 when firing at anything but other Skirmishers the test is ignored.

Page 93 still applies when taking a discipline test.

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Re: double six discipline test

Post by Archdukek »

I’d agree with Polish Lancer, I think that’s the intention to reduce the power of the skirmishers a bit.
I did wonder whether it meant that only skirmishers could now recover casualties if they rolled a double 6 in the discipline test, but I can’t really see any justification for that.


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