Rally Step Back

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Rally Step Back

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Hi everybody,

a doubt that arise in today's game.
When a faltering brigade get a rally resulat, all unit that are within 9 inches of a close order unit must step back.
In our case a column was near a BUA with a battalion inside, so the column step back 3 inches, The question is:

Does this step back is considered a movement if the column decide to shoot at the BUA in the fire phase? The column will be hesitant, but not unformed, and did not move in the movement phase, so I tink that could fire in the standard volley line (halving the result and ignoring a possible 1/2 casualty), I'm I right or the step back in the order phase is considered a movement for firing purpose? Or even worst, does a unit that step back with a rally result can fire at all, or move/changing formation, in the case the unit is now out of the 9 inches distance?

thank you in advance for your answer


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Re: Rally Step Back

Post by EQUITES »

Really ?
Then an unit that stepped back (due to RALLY RESULT) cannot neither reform or recover fire discipline in the same turn ?

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