Formation changes and Artillery

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Re: Formation changes and Artillery

Post by Simmerson »

I think any artillery that moves or changes formation on the turn it shoots get a -2

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Re: Formation changes and Artillery

Post by Archdukek »

Sorry not sure where the ambiguity is coming from. The description of firing modifiers in the table on page 80 and on the summary sheet seem clear to me.

Horse artillery has moved and unlimbered so incurs a -2 penalty for each and will fire at -4.
Foot battery has unlimbered so will fire with a -2 penalty. There is no rule preventing it firing.

Both circumstances are described under Firer Moved on page 80.


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Re: Formation changes and Artillery

Post by DCRBrown »


Each modifier applies.

So a player can move up with the horse artillery and unlimber and still fire.

However, he will suffer a -4 modifier on doing so, so really only close range column and square targets are worth the risk.


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