Revolutionary War Amendments

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Malcolm Howard
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Revolutionary War Amendments

Post by Malcolm Howard »

I have all 1792 - 1800 combatants and have been attracted to Gd’A looking specifically for rules that reflect this period
A) The rules reflect the size of battles I want to fight so this is good
B) I also note that there are specific notes for allied troops between 1792 - 1800’s, however I would welcome your view on how the rules could be developed further to reflect some but not limited to the following;
1. Austrian lack of flexibility in command and control
2. Allied compunction to use linear tactics to manoeuvre and fight
3. French due to lack of linear training to use i) columns ii) use mass skirmish clouds ( Grande Bandes ) and lack of control ammo and morale
4. The French Demi Brgade formations
5. The weakness of French Cavalry formations
6. The more effective and flexible use of French Artillery
I have said too much and not enough to start these discussions but would welcome a debate on if any amendments were thought necessary and in what format
I hope I can look forward to some lively debate that would assist me in my aim

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Re: Revolutionary War Amendments

Post by Molesworth »

Hi. I too wargame 1792 to 1800 in Flanders, Italy, Switzerland, the Helder and the Vendee. I've found the rules work well but the best thing about our games is that we all play the period and not the rules if you follow my thinking. I was planning on including how we use GdA for the FRW on my blog soon.

Pm me if you want to discuss more


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