'Real' Guard Brigades

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'Real' Guard Brigades

Post by baxterj »

gents, amongst some tinkering my colleague and I were doing I thought about troop grades and how I would like to have a genuine Guard status units. I am talking about real Old Guard,best Brit Foot Guards, maybe some select Russian Guard units. So rather than play around with the unit grading by creating another group of modifiers, how about automatically giving real Guard brigades the capacity to re-roll any failed brigade command rolls with using an ADC? I guess that this just simulates their capacity to get moving better than the average brigade. Thoughts?

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Re: 'Real' Guard Brigades

Post by Contrarius »

Isn’t hesitancy all about friction in the chain of command? It’s more to do with the brigade commanders than the troops under them. Admittedly, the battalion commanders generate part of the friction and their rating is subsumed in the troop quality.

Anyhow, don’t “excellent” brigade commanders already get a re-roll? (I certainly give one to mine as a way of getting the game moving.)

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Re: 'Real' Guard Brigades

Post by ShadowDragon »

Given that “real guard” brigades were often not committed or only reluctantly one could argue the other way. I’m sure Marshal Massena, if he were alive, would have a strong opinion about that.

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