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Re: Sk fire

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It's the presence of clouds of skirmishers as an important feature of battle that distinguishes the French Revolution/Napoleonic era from the previous one. They became important because they became an effective weapon in major battles.
I suspect that if Dave were to come out with a Seven Years War rules, skirmishers will be a whole lot less effective (and less numerous).

The semi-official version of American Revolutionary War GdA to be found in this forum does reduce the effectiveness and numbers for skirmishing (and concentrated artillery fire). In the AWI even trained Light Infantry did not generally "skirmish" as a screen in the Napoleonic style. Instead they preferred to attack from woods or cover. To reflect this in our games, if firing through a "skirmishing" line that happens to have a Close Order unit behind it, only the SECOND hit is placed on the skirmishing unit, while all other hits are placed on the targeted unit. We found this a reasonable way to address the reality of the tactics and doctrine of the day.

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Re: Sk fire

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If faced by a large skirmish screen then you need to attack it, either by fire or by countering with your own skirmishers and also using the skirmish tasking or even artillery assault to drive off those skimishers.

Both your guns and the garrison would be in range of the French skirmishers, (they both fire at 20cms [12"]). So engage with your battery and the garrison on the enemy skirmishers and then step up the British line to within volley range and start volleying. You'll find that a British volley, even against a skirmish line, can be quite impressive if the dice go your way! ;)


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