Skirmishers and Garrisons

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Skirmishers and Garrisons

Post by vlad48 »

It took me 12 days but here's my first set of rules questions for 2019.
The rules allow skirmishers to be in BUAs to gain cover but only close order infantry can garrison a BUA. Some questions.
1. can skirmishers in a BUA still fire out as a garrison does or is the skirmish line too broken up by town features to fire?
2. can skirmishers occupy a BUA while it is occupied by a friendly garrison of close order troops - and if so, can both fire?
3. finally, if skirmishers are charged and fail their DT roll they must retreat and take D3 casualties; do they get a "Retreat" designation like other units forcing them to reform on the next turn?

Thanks in advance to AD and company.

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Re: Skirmishers and Garrisons

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Walt,
Happy New Year! Here is my take on your questions.

1) Skirmishers in a BUA are not a Garrison so wouldn't fire like one, but they are still Skirmishers and I can see nothing which would limit their ability to fire normally. The number of bases able to engage is likely to be limited though depending on how they are deployed in the BUA.

2) No, the limit is one battalion so the Skirmishers will have to leave the BUA.

3) Yes they take the "Retreat" designation and all the consequences of that. DB has previously confirmed that he wanted Skirmish Screens to be respected and treated as a real unit whose success or failure impacts on its parent brigade, not as some throw away unit to be disregarded.

Hope that helps.

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