Massed columns Vs BUA

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Massed columns Vs BUA

Post by Dorsenne »

Hello again ....,
My friend Mike ( Equites ) and me are playing the Vimeiro battle.
Now the question: is it possible to charge a BUA (Vimeiro) with 2 battalion in massed columns?
My answer is yes ( our BUA is just one section) because:
- French is in Infantry Assault Order;
- French charge a single section with maximum 2 battalions;
- and the massed columns are charging against the same objective.

Thanks in advance for your reply


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Re: Massed columns Vs BUA

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Paolo,
I would say no you can't charge a single section of BUA with 2 Massed Columns.
Normally only 1 of the two massed columns can declare a charge, any other can only provide support according to the rules for Massed Columns charging in paragraph 5 on page 41.
However, a unit cannot offer support if attacking or defending a BUA or Strongpoint according to paragraph c under Prohibited Supports on page 43.
So the second column can neither charge on its own account or support its friends.

As I said earlier to Mike you would be better to try to manoeuvre the second column to launch a separate attack on a different face of the BUA.


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