Charge Result - Victory

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Charge Result - Victory

Post by Cearapeter »

Hi All

Yesterday I was fortunate to have my cavalry (lancers) get a 'victory' result against an infantry column and as a result the defenders were 'ridden down' and removed from the table. The cavalry then did not 'charge on' as there was no target even with 5D6.

Are the victorious lancers now 'unformed'? I can see no reference to any such requirement apart from British cavalry being required to 'charge on' and become 'unformed'.


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Re: Charge Result - Victory

Post by nikjen66 »

Hi CP, if the result of charge test doesn’t say that you’re unformed then you just stand at the point of your glorious victory, eyeing up your next victim. Truly there is nothing more glorious than your cavalry riding down everything to its front! Hussar!

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Re: Charge Result - Victory

Post by Archdukek »

Like Nick I don’t see anything to say that your Lancers are unformed. Only British cavalry who Charge On become Unformed. Your Lancers just bask in the glory of the charge!


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