Question about skirmishers

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Question about skirmishers

Post by Shecky » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:41 am

After purchasing the rules a year ago I finally got to play a game of PC this past weekend at Millenniumcon. Overall the players loved the game and I liked the fact that it rewards the use of period tactics. However, one issue arose that caused us to scratch our heads. Essentially, skirmishers seem very powerful if they can roll 1d6 per stand when firing requiring either a 5&6 or just a 6 to cause one casualty depending on the range.

So in this game the standard sized unit was 6 stands, which we then interpreted the skirmish firing rules to mean they roll 6d6. Looking at the GDA rules the skirmish fire dice are determined by the size of the unit (large, standard, small). Should the same apply to PC?

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Re: Question about skirmishers

Post by Bep963 » Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:32 pm

Thanks for enjoying our game!

I'm also curious if we were reading it correctly as well.

Skirmishers seem to shoot well, but then couldn't take a punch, which is as it should be. But they shot very, very well. Hadn't run into that in practice games, we had small units of sharp shooters, but they were 4 bases. They were good but not like a whole regiment going into skirmish.

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Re: Question about skirmishers

Post by DCRBrown » Mon Dec 04, 2017 4:01 pm


Skirmishing is designed to have an effect, over and above that of Napoleonic's. The skirmish formation also covers such looser formations such as extended line. It's also designed to create that feeling that regiments under fire, either volley or skirmish, were chewed up pretty quickly, not just from casualties but also combat fatigue. And of course rifles can be pretty accurate...and probably more so in skirmish formation than in close order.

Nonetheless you could always designate one base as the reserves, if you wish; and as such are placed to the immediate rear of the unit and not engaged in firing, thus reducing your potential casualties. So a 6 base regiment would fire with just 5 CD and so on.


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